do you worry?

Everyone gets stressed at sometime, and there are lots of ways to take the steam out of the situation. The things that will help you most, depend on what stress type you are.

bodya physical type

emotiona feeling type

actionan action or behaviour type

thinkinga reasoning or thinking type

To find out which one you are, fill in this questionnaire. From this, we will show you what is going to be best for you to do. Then try out our tips.

are you a boy or a girl?



how old are you?

I am

ethnic background?






were you born in the united kingdom?



is this like you?

Sometimes my body goes shaky/tingly/stiff when I'm worried

sometimes my body ...
My feelings go up and down a lot

I like doing and making things

I think about things a lot

I notice when I get hot or cold

I could jump for joy
Sometimes I get very angry about things

I am an action person

I plan things out in my head

I often get headaches/tummy aches/sore throats/earaches

I like to join in games and sports
Sad films or stories make me want to cry

I like to join in games and sports

I like puzzles and brainteasers

I suck my thumb/have a comfy/like having my forehead stroked

I think about things alot
Some things make me so happy I could jump for joy

I like to fix things or to help grown ups fix things

I mentally talk to myself to sort things out

I like to be alone watching others play

do you ever worry?

A lot alot


Hardly ever hardly ever


what sort of things worry you?

do you do any of the following when you are worried?

Get butterflies in my tummy/feel sick/go pale/have a headache

slam the door and stomp around noisily
Feel it must be my fault and feel bad

Slam the door and stomp around noisily

Write about it/draw it/think about it until the feeling goes away

Feel hot and bothered

feel it must be my fault and feel bad
Get muddled and can't think straight

Go and play outside/ride your bike/play football/tidy your room

Think hard about it and try to figure it out

I wonder about what other people are thinking

would anyone know if you were stressed about something?



who would you talk to?

Mum or Dad

I would talk to ...


Other (please fill in this box)

what do you do to make yourself better?

WHen a kid is stressed and a grown up wants to help, what would you tell them to do?

Great, you have got to the end of the questionnaire. If you want to find out what stress type you are and what things to try out then click here