grown up stuff/inside and outside stress

events that can cause inside and outside stress

birth of baby brother

outside stress

Mummy's always busy with the baby

He cries a lot

He keeps me awake

People have forgotten about me

inside stress

I wish he was dead and I feel guilty thinking that

I fear I'm loosing Mum

I fear I'm being replaced

I wish I was the baby

school tests

outside stress

I need to do more work

I must concentrate

I want to pass

If I fail, my parents will be mad

inside stress

I fear that failing means I will be rejected

I want to be better than my sibling

I'm worried incase I do better than my sibling

I fear I will collapse and forget everythingtop

beginning of term

outside stress

Will my new teacher like me

I might forget where my class room is

The work will be harder

Will the others be my friends

inside stress

I am going to be humiliated because I don't know it all

My teacher will hate me and punish me

I am going to be lost forever

I fear the big bad world out there

I'll be alone with no friends top

being ill at school

outside stress

I feel unwell

I feel frightened

I want to be at home

inside stress

I'm going to die

I'll never see my Mum again

No one will help me