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In this section you will find some of the ideas and theories which give us a framework for understanding Child Stress.

We think of Christmas as always a happy time for children, but sometimes it can be stressful too. ages and stages

ages and stages

The importance of recognising how the child's age and level of development affects how they deal with stress
ages and stages

inside and outside stress

How children get stressed not just by obvious things we can see, but also by the pressure from inside, hidden worries
inside and outside stress

childstress in schools

Beginning of term - Smoothing the transition - Starting at School or Starting a New School
childstress in schools

coming soon ...

what is child stress?

Explaining more about the symptoms of stress

There will also be a special focus on the following areas -

Family Stress

Illness and Hospitals

Moving House


Separation and Divorce

The World and Everything

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