help for grown ups

Children do what we do, more often that doing what we tell them to do. So a good way to show children how to beat stress is to do it ourselves. If you are under pressure and need a few hints on how to restore some calm in your own life, then try out one of the suggestions below.

beating stress in your body

Slow down breathing

Visualise something good

Go for a walk or play football

Play upbeat music and dance

Take a candlelit bath

Have a massage or manicure

beating stress in your emotions

Tell someone how you feel

Write it down

Draw how you feel (use colours)

Watch a happy video

Phone a friend


beating stress in your actions

List out your priorities

Take one task at a time, before starting the next

Do something differently

Look for healthy role models and copy them

Do some cooking, gardening or DIY

Wash the car

beating stress in your thoughts

Read a book

Make a plan

Do a tricky puzzle or brainteaser

List out what is good in your life

Plan to do something that makes you feel good

Talk to yourself as if you were your best friend

pages to come ...

Managing your own stress

Relaxation Recipes

Assert yourself

How to be a parent and have your own life too

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