hot tips beat stress

Try out some of these tips

beating stress in your body

Have a bath

Jump up and down 20 times

Go and play football

Bash a pillow

Put some music on and dance

Ask for a cuddle

beating stress in your emotions

Tell someone how you feel

Write it down

Draw how you feel

Watch a happy video

Go and talk to your pet

Phone a friend

beating stress in your actions

Make something

Help mum or dad

Wash someone's car

Make a den in your room

Go outside and shout

Hug someone or something

beating stress in your thoughts

Write a story about it

Read a book

Tape record your thoughts

Do a tricky puzzle

Make a plan

Think about things that have made you happy

If you're not sure which one to try first, then it would help if you knew what stress type you are. To find out which stress type you are, then fill out our on-line questionnaire, please click here do you worry?